Our Flower Power Spaces

By Tammy Sutherns

On a camping trip in Chinsta, Eastern Cape over December, I came across a group of non-conformists, girls with dreadlocks, bare feet and fresh faces. One drove a caravan with a huge sunflower sticking out of the aerial.

I’ve always respected these type of girls, as I huddled under my umbrella with three jerseys on in the rain, watching them oblivious to the weather, walking around in their costumes. We braaied chicken kebabs and pieces of steak on the mini-braai we had picked up from Pick ‘n Pay, while the other girls in the campsite munched on vegan food – fresh and organic.

These are the types of girls that I like without even meeting, girls who stand for something and don’t just fall for anything, girls who don’t need a coat of nail polish or a dab of powder to feel comfortable.

Some of them gave up their shower time quite happily – with only two available in the campsite, the competition for hot water had huge potential. Some of these girls will have arguments for hours about how being a vegetarian is more sustainable for the environment.

But the space that I occupy as a woman is different, perhaps a more conforming one? I like to wear shoes, especially in the rain. And I just don’t have the facial structure to pull off dreadlocks. I have no desire to eat tofu.

But as women, we still have a responsibility, even if it only extends to our own space; to buy free range eggs, switch the water off while we are brushing our teeth and keep our electricity usage down.

We should all be honouring Mother Nature in one way or another.

Go online and calculate your carbon footprint and then do something about it. (Do it here)

Try some nuts and beans in your salad instead of meat next time.

We all have a little hippy inside of us, begging to come out.

Last week, I went swimming in the rain. There’s nothing quite like it.

Image from http://www.weheartit.com

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