Feminist Spaces: The Sports Field

By Joy Niemack

Supporting Our Teams Last year Bafana Bafana had the limelight during the World Cup. The nation stood behind our boys as they played against the world’s best. This year cricket and rugby fans are in for treat as our teams go to the Cricket World Cup and Rugby World Cup. “National Pride”, “Pledge your support”, “Show team colours” are just some of the phrases that will be thrown around during this time.

Hold that thought. There is another team that has worked really hard and carries our national colours with pride. They train just as hard as the other national teams, but go relatively unnoticed. Banyana Banyana or South African women’s football team needs your support too.

The team triumphed over Zambia in the Olympic Qualifier and are currently ranked 3rd in Africa and 59th in the World. I would have liked to have said I don’t know why their matches get such a little coverage or why so few people attend their matches, but we know the answer. It’s women’s football. Sure other countries pay attention to their women’s teams, but why doesn’t South Africa? Why are they the back-up singers to the male performers??

The term “support our national teams” refers to all teams, not just the men’s divisions. So show your support for them too; attend a match or two, write on their Facebook page and keep an eye out for them.

Ignore the scandals and rumours and just watch the game. You might be surprised.


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