Is feminism sexist?

By Jen Thorpe

On Twitter when I put out the call for burning questions, Nadine Smit asked this:

“Do we ignore bi- and homosexual feminist voices because of the way they so neatly fit into the construed stereotypes?”

Brilliant question. Last week Nadine’s article asked about the relevance of political lesbianism, and the prescriptions that feminism could make on our sexuality. This week it’s a different question. How is feminism heterosexist? What ways do the norms of feminism assume that the women who practice it are ‘sleeping with the enemy’? Maybe
another question is whether the norms of feminism are heterosexist and exclude LGBTIQ norms, or are contrary to them.

What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “Is feminism sexist?”

  1. I’m confused by this question. Is mainstream/second wave feminism heterosexist? Yes. But the feminism I subscribe to, a feminism that recognises the intersectional nature of oppression, is not.


  2. Little confuzzled I understand being sexist and heterosexist as two completely different things ie does feminism believe that the female sex is superior? Or is feminism heterosexually centred?

    On count one I’d say no. On count two I’d say idealistically no but I do feel that some feminists cringe at being called lesbians because they are feminists, as though it is an insult and the fact that this question gets asked as though listening to the voices of lgbt feminists is optional suggests a heterosexism.

    If feminism is heterosexist, surly it doesn’t see sleeping with men as sleeping with the enemy?


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