Feminism in theory, or feminism in practice?

By Athambile Masola

One of the challenges I have faced with the feminism question is the idea of having to read about feminism in order to “become” a fenminist.  I’ve picked up feminism along the way…the reading came later as a student, but the appealing phrase  was “the personal is political”…is this still the case?  Should we experience our feminism from our personal stories or the political and public experiences facing other women, especially those who are not in privileged positions?

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2 thoughts on “Feminism in theory, or feminism in practice?”

  1. I think that there are different kinds of feminists. I think that some feminists shape their thoughts and reactions due to what they have read, but may have already held certain “feminist-like” beliefs before hand. I am quite sure that we are nutured to become feminists, but that the label comes later. Although I am also wary of labelling myself something, because people define you as a feminist according to their own definitions.

    But your question does make me think: how does one practice feminism? What are some of the things that one thinks, believes and does that makes them a feminist. Interesting….any thoughts?


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