Do Your Boobs Hang Low?

By Jen Thorpe

On Twitter on Monday I sent off a late night tweet saying ‘Bra free Monday done, can’t wait for Bra free Tuesday’.

Yes, I am currently working from home and enjoying the luxuries of wearing slippers all day, and having the pleasure of a living hot water bottle (my cat Mona). What I am also enjoying is not having to wear a bra.

Just saying ‘having to wear a bra’ makes me really irritated with myself. Who says I ‘have to’? Why do I in the first place. I completely get wearing a bra for exercise – it holds your ‘noembies’ still whilst you jiggle or jump – that is support with a purpose. But what is the purpose of wearing a bra whilst sitting at your desk?

When the twitter conversation got under way, it seemed as though it became a discussion about big and small breasts – the idea was smaller breasted women were deemed acceptable when braless, and larger breasted women needed a bra to ‘pull themselves towards themselves’ as my old life skills teacher would say. Are we saying that big breasted women shouldn’t go bra free?

Do our bras form more than physical support, and provide emotional support too? Is that why we are afraid to be free of them. Even I still put one on when I go out to the shop.

So I’m interested – do your boobs hang low and wobble to and fro, or do you tie them up in knots and bows?


8 thoughts on “Do Your Boobs Hang Low?”

  1. I am the first to admit that I remove my bra as soon as I can when I arrive home from work in the evenings. But I’ll also admit that I feel all too strange not donning one when I make my way out of the house.

    My hubby asked me why, and with some thought I determined that it’s because I don’t want to seem like a slut. Now I’m not saying that women who don’t wear bras are sluts – don’t get me wrong – but somehow I have this impression in my mind, that I probably got from my mother or some other unnamed role model, that not wearing a bra means you’re “easy”.

    My hubby is determined to let me know that my breasts’ freedom is absolutely important, and encourages their freedom as much as possible, but I still have this nagging social construct in my mind that my now wobbling-when-I-walk bosoms are attracting too much attention for a woman who is not “easy”.

    Needless to say there is a fair amount of the rebellious in not wearing a bra, which makes me feel much more liberated because of these social constructs that my mother determined for me when I was younger.

    Although, I’d like to randomly say that bras do prevent the odd “poynting” session! 🙂


  2. I’m with Roane. There’s this impression that women who go out not wearing a bra are easy, or rather looking for attention. I know that’s not true, but it’s hard to go against these beliefs that are instilled into you as a child.


  3. I have the opposite idea – of women squashing their breasts into their bras so that they stick out more for male…consumption. Maybe the whole thing is that we’ve begun to detach our breasts from ourselves – they seem only to be there for the viewing pleasure of others.


  4. Personally, I feel uncomfortable moving around too much with out a bra on. Although, my breasts are by far larger than the average women, they are by no means so large that you’d feel engulfed by one of my hugs (I don’t think anyway). But regardless, I genuinely do not like riding in a car without the support of a bra, I do not like walking too much with out the support of a bra, etc. I find it terribly uncomfortable and depending on the amount/type of movement it even hurts my chest and/or disrupts my breathing.

    But I will admit, I love taking it off when before I go to bed. FREEDOM!


  5. I do not need a bra, there is not much to support. I never used to wear one but then as soon as I started working encountered air con in offices I had no choice for the sake of decency. People made me feel as if I was seeking attention.

    As a woman, all our body parts must be neatly packaged away or else we will be called names.


  6. I love not wearing bras, but unfortunately have nipples that will not do as I say! I don’t think it makes us more easy or sluttish to not wear bras. But men should not see it as an invitation to look, or even comment (are you cold or just happy to see me?). I guess the issue is more that we have just done it for ever and it feels weird to not. But we really shouldn’t feel like we have to, especially if your cupcakes are wee little ones and don’t need the support (like mine).


  7. I wear my bra all day, everyday. I even sleep in one. I feel naked and uncomfortable without one.
    I have big breasts and without a bra, life is difficult especially movement. They dangle all over the show and when they do, they get painful.
    The root of all this, I don’t know.


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