June Editorial – New Beginnings

It’s already the middle of the month and for me the last two months have been about new beginnings. I have moved up to dry, dusty and cold Johannesburg to live with my boyfriend which was a huge shift from the leafy suburbs of Cape Town. I’m also working from home which means less of the office banter and more of me with no bra on. It has been a huge adjustment.

Whilst the seasons around me are changing, so I’ve been adjusting to a completely different way of life. Joburg is as I expected – busy, fast and aggressive – but also has provided me with a few surprise delights. One of these has been meeting a talented and compassionate supervisor, Judy Klipin, who has helped me to see outside the immediacy of my desperation to get back home to CT, and has taught me how to deal with the transition phases. She has written an excellent book, which I recommend you read if you answer yes to these two questions:

  1. Do you struggle to ask for help?
  2. When people disappoint you, do you think it is your fault?

One of the things that she has taught me, that makes me smile even now, is that when a caterpillar goes into a cocoon, it actually MELTS. So when you are entering a new phase of your life, that’s how it can feel. Meltedy. And yet, when you’re finished melting there is something new at the end.

I have also had really exciting news this month, my writing project My First Time is being considered for publishing and I was nominated as one of 75 African Young Women Leaders by the US Embassy and will be attending a conference next week. Things are not so bad after all.

I think we are living in times when we are looking for instant happiness, pleasure and delight. When we look out into the world as women, often this is not what we find. Our happiness is stilted by people who want to keep women down, and the longevity of women’s suffering on our planet can make moments of pleasure surreal. But they are there, and we should savour them.

So this month, you can write what you like because sometimes we should just do whatever the hell we like doing, so that we can take care of us.



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