Bed Post Dynamics

By Sarah-Jane Lowes

What is this sexual line that exists between lesbians and straight girls? It’s a whole new sexual revolution, only it’s to see who can clock up the most lays. I am generalising here since there are millions of lesbians and straight girls who choose not to play this game. It really is no different to men hunting women, only its women hunting women. We contextualise society so much, and in particular men, calling them sexist pigs.  But, a very similar ball game is happening on the opposite spectrum.

This seduction and the culminating sexual experience happens too –  only this time its girl on girl.

I call it straight girl hunting.

The male bed notch no longer exists in isolation. There is an entire culture out there of lesbians who stalk and fuck straight girls at a rate that would put a Ducati Superbike to shame. To quote a personal hero (Dr Seuss):

One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish; Black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish; And this one has a little star. This one has a little car. Say! What a lot of fish there are.

Indeed, what a lot of fish there are. There is an entire sub-culture of women-hunting nympharia who are every bit as ruthless and seductive as that of the most charming male lethario. We have become so used to men (after the government) being the epitome of oppression. We look back at hundreds of years of having no voice and brood over male superiority but women are just as bad. Male/ Female, when it comes to notching bedposts the tide has turned and once again women are the targets.

I have watched as friends ruthlessly hunt down and take out their prey. They are charming, suave and so terribly clever in getting ones knickers kicked off the bed.

My point (and I do have one) is that the age of the male lethario has passed and gay love is giving free love a run for its money. Only there is no pride in this, as it is every bit as demeaning as male whoredom. These female letahrios do not respect the prey they feast on, nor do they have any intention of calling them in the future. Society really needs to take a rain check on generalising men as the sexual deviants because sexual deviancy exists across gender and sexuality borders.

Erica Jong wrote about the zipless fuck. Well it is in full in play. Only it is not empowering. It isn’t about a women going out there and breaking the boundaries placed on her by society; it is about using women, about being every bit as depreciating as to the reason feminism first came around. Janis Joplin summarises it best, ‘don’t you know baby you’re nothing more than a one night stand’.

There exists this division between the sexes, comparable to that of socialist and anarchist, reformists and revolutionists-but the question is are the ‘working class’ participating in their liberation or are they being every bit as abusive as the most tyrannical leader? We should be careful to generalise these days.

Women are threatening the principles of their own self-empowerment. So cut the guys some slack. They aren’t all that bad.

[1] Dr Seuss 1957: One fish, Two fish, Red fish, Blue fish


1 thought on “Bed Post Dynamics”

  1. I think we should always be careful in conversations like these to not broadly compare two groups. For example, this discussions about females preying on other females (straight or not) takes the final stance of that male predators “aren’t all that bad”. To me a predator is a predator, no matter what gender they come in. Whether or not he comes as the stereotypical male player or the new form lesbian dogging on girls it doesn’t really matter… a sexual deviant is a sexual deviant.

    Although I too do take it hard when women hurt other women this doesn’t necessarily mean that this is any worse than when a man does it. Hurt is hurt, whether by a man or women.


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