An Ode to Feminism

By Tammy Sutherns 

I don’t know all of you personally, I haven’t spent much time with any of you, but gosh I love you.

Every time I feel a little lost, a little anxious or I just need some escape, I come here. Here, I feel that I have a band of sisters who quite simply, just get me.

Jen’s editorial this month brings up some crucial points. Sometimes we are so busy with work and trying to get by financially on top of trying to love our partners and friends and families, that we forgot to stop and make sure that we are just where we need to be.

Jen’s questions along the lines of what kind of a mark we want to leave and what we are doing to get there are an important and comforting reminder not to forget why we are here.

Not even a year into FeministsSA, I think we can look at this website and say that a space has been created for all of us to come to when we just need to hear the voice of another woman.

Female bonds and sisterhood have in the past been so fraught with conflicts, mostly because of the societal roles we were meant to play. Ever notice how rarely boys get together to gossip about each other or over-analyse their relationships?

For the first time in a long time, I feel proud of my female bonds. I come to this site and I love each and every one of you. For sharing your stories, for letting us in, for educating us on different theories and ideas. And for celebrating each other.

I feel at home here, I feel like I know you and I am proud of everyone of you – for taking the time to make this space more homely with your own personal touch and participation.

And I feel that as women, we have created a dialogue of value, a dialogue of sharing and a narrative of substance.

Thank you all for being there when I just need some girl time. Thank you for adding value to my life and challenging my own thoughts and ideas.

Thank you for getting me to question myself so I don’t slip into the lull of everyday life.

I love each and every one of you
X x x


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