October Editorial – Revolution without women isn’t revolution

By Jen Thorpe

I’ve been watching the revolutions around the world this year with much interest. Our world is changing, and it’s changing fast. For the first time in many years, we have a brand new country in Africa, springs are springing across the world, and Wall St is occupied by those who demand an end to greed and inequality.

Where are the voices of women in all of this? Where are the perspectives from the women who are involved in these movements? We have heard a little from around the world about how remedying inequality between the poor and the rich is high on the agenda, but what about remedying inequality within the poor and within the rich?

I suppose the activism and activities taking place around SA and the world are making me think about who’s talking, who’s acting and who’s being rewarded for their participation at the end of the day. If women are not standing up, forcing their way into the discussion, nobody is going to be for us. So we have to be there, for ourselves.


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