What IS your number?

By Tammy Sutherns

My blog writing has been rather somber as of late. I’d like to point out that this is not an indication of my temperament, but rather an indication of the social and political climate at the present moment, but it has been somber nonetheless.  However, there are too many things to giggle at too stay somber for long.

Anna Faris stars in a new romcom called What’s Your Number? Nine of us girls were lucky enough to attend the premier last week, in support of the Jess Foord Foundation. Jess was brutally raped by four men at Shongweni Dam in 2008, where the rapists forced her father to watch. She was 21-years-old at the time, but turned the situation around to create a foundation that would empower rape survivors and create awareness about the issues surrounding the injustice.

On Thursday evening, we were treated to cocktails, snacks, massages, a photo booth as well as the movie premier and popcorn AND Coke as long as we bought a decent handbag to give in to be packed with items and love for a rape survivor.

The event was amazing and Jess Foord spoke bravely about her experiences.

But to speak on less somber issues (for a change) the movie was HILARIOUS. Anna Faris plays the role of a hopelessly lost individual who defines her life by her interaction with men, going so far as to change her accent if it fits the role of what her male counterpart may want. Her (ahem…gorgeous) neighbour, played by Chris Evans, agrees to help her track down all of the men she has slept with to see if she somehow missed ‘the one’ and predictably, she is perfectly herself around him and he encourages her to develop her personal talents and ambitions. Faris is absolutely goofy and nuts at the same time and pulls of her character to a T. The movie also has some tender girly moments between Faris and her younger sister who is about to walk down the aisle. And it reflects on some of the challenges we all have to face as women – career choices, meddling mums and trying to please all of those around us.

I would even suggest taking your dad, brother or boyfriend providing that they have a superb sense of humour. Don’t chuck rocks at me if you don’t enjoy it, but I thought that it was one of the funniest movies I have seen in a long time.

The movie also raises an old debate as well – when men sleep with a million girls, they are heroes, but when the roles are reversed, women are made to feel ashamed by the number of men that they have had sex with. But Evans subtly dismantles this notion in the movie, reminding Faris that she shouldn’t want to be with anyone who judges her based on her number.

Thank you to Dentyne, Nu Metro and the Jess Foord Foundation for a well-needed girls night out. Ladies, treat yourself!


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