T-shirts for sale

October T-shirt  
Come on – you know you want one!

Keeping it simple this month – we need a minimum of 25 orders to get these printed. On the front you’ll see the image above, and on the back near the collar it will say FeministsSA.com.

How much? R150 (incl postage) (unless you live somewhere really far away from Johannesburg/SA).

To order, send the following details to feministssa @gmail.com


Address (postal)

Size (the shirts go from small to 2XL)

And we’ll get back to you if we get enough orders to set up payment. 🙂


2 thoughts on “T-shirts for sale”

  1. Do you do one in a guy’s cut? I only ask because unfortunately women’s cuts look ridiculous on me 😦

    Alternatively, a shirt saying “this is what a PRO-FEMINIST looks like” would be awesome (simply because I don’t want to be one of those arrogant guys who calls himself a feminist but can never really BE a feminist because I’ll never truly appreciate the difficulties that women face…thus the pro-feminist stance, out of respect).


    1. Hi M,

      We’ll be ordering guys t-shirts as well from a different supplier unless the orders reach 25. So far we only have one order from a man, so if you’d like to add your name to the list, feel free.



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