Reminder: The Bioscope is screening MissRepresentation tonight and tomorrow night

Just a reminder to the Feminists out there that the Bioscope, in conjunction with While You Were Sleeping and FeministsSA, is screening the incredible film, Miss Representation tonight (24 October) and tomorrow night (25 October). Here’s the trailer for this amazing film.

This film reflects the impact that the media has on our ideas of ourselves as women. It’s an all women made film, and features incredible women activists, newsreaders and celebrities who are determined to challenge the negative messages we receive about our bodies and capabilities from the media. Every time I watch it I am more inspired to do more to create positive images of women in the media. I really encourage you to come.

Tickets are R40 and the show starts at 7.30. You can buy tickets online here:

Afterwards there will be a short chat about the film and how you all felt about it.

See you there.





2 thoughts on “Reminder: The Bioscope is screening MissRepresentation tonight and tomorrow night”

  1. I LOVED the film. Thought-provoking, well made, covering new angles. This is, however, what I posted as my Facebook status as soon as I got home : “Tonight I watched a documentary about how women need to find a voice in a media system dominated by men. The film was followed by a live discussion which was dominated by the only man in the room, who happened to be in advertising, while all the women in the room silently fumed, too polite to tell him to shut up. Exhibit A folks… Exhibit A.”
    I am glad the viewing has led me to this site, great content and easy to navigate.


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