SportsScene Responds

Here is the response from Sportscene which appeared on this post originally

Hi everyone

We have noted the comments and views regarding graphic tees available at sportscene.

Firstly, we are sorry if we have inadvertently offended anyone as this was not the intention. The slogans and graphics on our t-shirts were meant to be humorous, sexy and tongue-in-cheek.

Secondly, we have reviewed our current range of tees as well as any future orders, to ensure that any t-shirts which might be considered sexist, offensive or demeaning are removed. We have already instructed our stores to remove the T-shirts but please note that this might take a little while.

Once again, we apologise sincerely for inadvertently upsetting anyone. We appreciate any feedback and support.

Thank you from the sportscene team

What do you think?

Could these t-shirts be considered humorous or sexy?

What recommendations would you make for them about the review of their T-shirts?

What promise do you want from them that they will not repeat this error?



7 thoughts on “SportsScene Responds”

  1. I agree, don’t remove the T shirts – don’t bow down to social pressure. Wearing a T shirt doesn’t make you want to abuse women – ask the suited up tie wearing dominee that beats his wife behind the door what he thinks about the T shirt and he would probably agree with you. How old are you exactly? 45? because my 40 year old friends are all rocking these T shirts and are sooooooooo happy they got them before you and your poisen pen ran out of ideas for an actual article!


  2. This reminds me of the Woolworths uproar that happened … last year, was it?
    I’m a bit embarrassed, on behalf of the opposite sex, to know that there are some ‘feminists’ that are about as even-keeled as fundamentalist Christians.
    Why would you take anyone who wears anything like those t-shirts seriously?
    Isn’t knee-jerk reactions to someone’s attire exactly what SlutWalk is against?


  3. The T-Shirts are wrong because they promote ‘gender thinking’ just like telling racist jokes (as much as they are not supposed to be taken seriously) promote ‘race thinking’. As funny as they are meant to be, the instill a way of thinking in all of our subconsciouses and just as we owe some respect to the legacy of the downfall of Apartheid not to promote these ways of thinking, we also owe some respect to all of the women who have fought so hard against misogyny, inequality and discrimination because they were the ‘fairer sex’. Perpetrating these ideas, even as a joke, is what eventually makes it OK for the husband to beat his wife behind a closed door because it’s already OK in his subconscious – society has already told him that it was OK just like teasing a girl and calling her a slut is OK and wearing a T-shirt that thinks STD’s are funny is OK. Sometimes we need to be able to laugh at ourselves, yes. But sometimes we need to draw the line.


    1. Hey Sportscene, I’ll buy your stock these babies just became limited edition, thank you FeministsSA!

      Anyone wanna buy a T-shirt?

      50bucks they don’t post my comment;)


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