Durex’s official response to the #DurexJokes debacle

By Jen Thorpe

I received this email last night from Durex in response to my piece and to the scandal they caused with their offensive, sexist jokes.

“Durex respects and supports the rights of women and men to have a healthy, safe and fulfilling sex life. The statements that appeared on our South Africa Twitter feed yesterday were posted by our PR agency in South Africa – Euro RSCG. They were offensive and inappropriate and do not reflect the views of the Durex brand. We apologise unreservedly for the fact that this has happened and have already taken steps to ensure that this situation cannot arise again.” – Faisal Hashmi, Marketing Director

It’s sad though that Durex’s actions were able to bolster the opinions of those who already thought that using your penis to shut someone up is not rape, and to give them a small semblance of credence. I hope that everyone realises that in the first place, the sentiment that women need to be shut up at all is only valid or valuable in an extremely sexist society.

I thank everyone who spoke out about this on twitter, and hope that you keep on speaking out against sexism when you see it.

I hope something like this never happens again, and thank Durex for their response.


5 thoughts on “Durex’s official response to the #DurexJokes debacle”

  1. I am so glad to read the apology. Unfortunately the damage has been done but I guess we need to be gracious and respond accordingly. I sent a scathing letter and although I know that thousands must have written to object, somehow a personal apology would sit better with me, than just a media one. I suppose though this is asking too much. Well done to everybody who ‘rose’ to the occasion and spoke out.


  2. I don’t think the apology is enough. I think we should be entitled to know what action took place within their organisation, if any. Sexual Discrimination is a very serious offence and unless someone was disciplined for this behaviour for all we know they could just be ‘saving face’.
    I am personally so offended by the tweet that the apology seems hardly sufficient.


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