Short-listed Candidates for Commission on Gender Equality Named

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Community activism was the determining factor during today’s short-listing of candidates to serve on the Commission for Gender Equality (CGE). Parliament’s Ad-hoc Committee on the Filling of Vacancies in the Commission for Gender Equality met earlier and came up with the names of candidates to be interviewed as prospective Commissioners.

Ms Ruth Bhengu, Chairperson of the Ad-hoc committee on the Filling of Vacancies in the Commission for Gender Equality, said, “It is critical that as representatives of the people we put forward names of candidates that are in touch with the community, people that are going to improve the manner in which gender issues are being dealt with in South Africa. These should be candidates that understand gender-based challenges faced by our communities and should have a clear vision on how to address them working together with communities.”

She added: “For a person to serve on this commission, they need to have a clear understanding of the gender inequalities in the country and be able to add value on how these issues are addressed. They must have a balance of administrative skills and an understanding of the developmental agenda the country is pursuing.”

These people must be mindful that the current government seeks to build a country free of discrimination of any kind. They need to understand why the commission was established. “They also need to have a clear understanding of a country we seek to build-a developmental state whose people are actively involved in development processes,” she said.

Members of the Ad-hoc committee reiterated this sentiment and stressed that academic qualifications of candidates should not be used as a primary determining factor, but should come as an added advantage. The critical factor is the individuals’ ability to interact and adapt with all levels of the society.

Initially, the committee had set out to short-list about 13 names from more than 100 applicants, but after a lengthy elimination process, they ended up short-listing 15 names from which nine candidates will be appointed.

Short-listed candidates (Not in particular order):

1. Ms Janine Hicks
2. Ms Ndileka Loyilane
3. Mr Wallace Mgoqi
4. Ms Nondumiso Ranuga
5. Mr Steven Maziye
6. Ms Zandile Mxaku
7. Ms Thoko Mpumlwana
8. Ms Elaine Salo
9. Ms Lorraine Landrew
10. Mr Mfanozelwe Shozi
11. Ms Nomvuyiso Stofile
12. Ms Lulama Nare
13. Ms Yvette Abrahams
14. Ms Amanda Gouws
15. Mr Mbuyiselo Botha

The committee has set aside two days (January 25 and 26) for interviewing the short-listed candidates. “We hope that the time set aside will allow adequate time for sufficient engagement with each candidate,” added Ms Bhengu.

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1 thought on “Short-listed Candidates for Commission on Gender Equality Named”

  1. Valuable commentary in the City Press on the need of a shot of “feminism” in the Gender commission. See via @City_Press

    Especially the following remarks by gender activist, executive director at the Trade Collective Liepollo Pheko:
    “We also need people who are not just gender activists, but have a strong feminist discourse. We need that feminist discourse in education, on justice and on broad social issues”.

    The author of the City Press article is Mmanaledi Mataboge.
    Senior political journalist for City Press.


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