It didn’t matter that it was the women’s team

Joy Niemack
Joy Niemack

By Joy Niemack

Well done to the South African Women’s Hockey team for beating India and qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics. A proud moment for any South African.

It wasn’t an easy task either with their key striker and world record goalscorer, Pietie Coetzee, missing a couple of matches due to illness and the pressure from SASCOC. SASCOC insisted SA must win this tournament before they send them to the Olympics despite being the top African contenders.

SA are now the 10th out of 12 teams to qualify for the Olympics, which starts in 151 days time.

Besides winning, and qualifying, it was great to see South Africans come out in support of the team. Social media was abuzz with the women’s hockey news, results and messages of support. Even certain offices came to a standstill to as they watched a few of the games.

Twitter comments on SA Women's Hockey

I don’t want really want to mention gender in fear of being a killjoy, but this was a positive step in the right direction.  It didn’t matter that this was the women’s team. It didn’t matter who was watching. It was just patriotic people supporting their team. This is one thing I love about sports. It can cross many boundaries.

So like I said before, keep an eye out for our Women’s teams who are doing great things. Keep on supporting them! Here we come London!


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