Mail and Guardian Book of South African Women Open for Nominations

Originally published by the Mail and Guardian:

Who are the women changing this country?

The Mail & Guardian‘s annual Book of South African Women is changing direction. After seven years as a little black book of women who lead in their field, we’re moving from the ground up. This year, we are focusing on women who are changing South Africa one community, one workplace, one family at a time. These are women who have the initiative, drive and passion to take the country to a better place, laying the foundation on which South Africa is built.

Our aim is to celebrate these mothers, grandmothers, daughters, wives, sisters, friends and colleagues in all their strength and glory. Do you know of a woman who is passionate about their cause, able to inspire others to join them and can plan and execute their ideas against all odds? The women sought out and nominated for the Book of South African Women will demonstrate the four pillars of leadership: aspire, plan, inspire and execute.

Aspire: They chose to be different, aspiring for a goal that appeared insurmountable. These driven women demonstrate ambition beyond their barriers. They are unrelenting in their quest for the lofty goals they have set.
Plan: They systematically plan how to achieve their goal, often using finite resources. They don’t leave anything to chance, going out of their way to make sure there is a concrete plan, and are ready with another if the first didn’t work.
Inspire: They inspire others to buy into their vision and work with them towards attainment. They share the passion within them with all stakeholders, and are great communicators and motivators.
Execute: They execute with exceptional efficiency and admirable results what they propose to do. Their operational success is indisputable. They are brilliant at what they do and go beyond what is expected of them.

To nominate someone, click here


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