Feminist. But not anti-men.

Kamogelo Rachel Modise
Kamogelo Rachel Modise

By Kamogelo Rachel Modise

Although I was raised in a quiet, well-off and private community that lacks many of the socio economic issues faced by a lot of blacks in townships as a young black woman I understand the impact of how society and the way it has socialized women contributes to the inequality of our sex. This major problem is also rooted in our culture and traditions and is passed from one generation to another; making it come across as an acceptable norm, and a way of life.

Perhaps this is the reason why feminists are seen as trouble makers set on disturbing a man’s world and its order. Feminism rattles all the wrong feathers, not just for men but for women too (mostly heterosexuals if I may add). This is a sad reality, one I wish I could change because as a feminist who is not anti-men or set to change this “man’s world” but to instead create an equal world on every grounds for women; I must admit I need straight men and women’s contribution.

I don’t like the idea that feminism is a movement.  For me, feminism is or should be a common holistic and healthy attitude that every woman should have of self. So much that we free ourselves of the subjective labels, prejudice opinions and inferior notions attached to our womanhood. Feminism is an identity we were robbed off and must claim back in order to heal women’s issues. If we use feminism, we can destroy the “pull her down” syndrome amongst women. We can successfully restore a much needed comprehension, sisterhood and support among women.

I am a proud feminist and I am pro-women but I am not anti-men.

Societies need men, good men: men who do not fear free minded women that acknowledge and embrace their being completely and shamelessly. We need men who respect a woman’s choices, abilities and lifestyle without gender role projections.

Personally I believe men create a healthy balance because in general two women are a crowd and I do not mean two women as lovers. A feminist as I am, and a homosexual as I am, I need men. Life needs men, women need men as do men need women but we also need equality on every ground. We do not need a superior sex.

Yes I am a feminist. I am proud of what and who I am. I celebrate this everyday by being loud and proud but I mean no harm in my quests to emancipate women. I am not an enemy to the opposite sex nor do I desire to be. I pose no threats but good intentions that I believe will change the lives of women for the better. Many women are still in need of liberation. A liberation so hard to attain because of a “man’s world” that insists on being superior.

I am a feminist; I am pro-women but not anti-men. I am only against the subtle sanctions set against women and gender roles that demean females. I do not mind that it is a men’s world, let it be. I do mind that women can’t have their world too.


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