Feminist free writing exercise

Youlendree Appasamy

By Youlendree Appasamy

Free writing, for those that don’t know, is an exersice in letting your mind free to wander down paths you’d normally have deemed too steep for it. In my set amount of time (5 minutes) I audaciously plan on writing something feministy. So, I’m writing this from my phone and wondering if eating those chocolate covered cookies was a good idea, whether I locked the door downstairs and where my watch is.

Back to the feminist stuff: Like how a glass ceiling in basically all jobs is reached by female workers. That no matter what good men say, what good  men do, we will always remain the oppressed lesser sex. This is because not all men are good.
But then again, should we rely on men to free us from our shackles? We are capable of doing things for ourselves – but in a society where gender is ingrained, fixed, inherent, what does that capability matter when those who wield the power see only gender, not capability.
– 5 minutes up! –


2 thoughts on “Feminist free writing exercise”

  1. all i can say is, equality like justice and other virtues may never be achieved but we do not stop striving. in the same breath we do not stop educating and conscientising the blind and the oppressor (i take it that refers to men here). inequality, like all ills, is perpetuated by ignorance. education brings knowledge and blights ignorance.


  2. I agree, education is the key to tolerance and understanding. However, in the case of gender equality (or rather, inequality), the notion that woman are inferior to men has been around for centuries. This belief is ingrained in most cultures and permeates throughout the society, to the point where it becomes commonplace. There has been centuries of education but this inequality still remains and it isn’t the only one that has. I think the problem lies in the type of education one receives. Misuse and abuse of educational systems can lead to larger problems than no education at all.


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