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Win two tickets to the #welead Women’s Leadership Conference

Press release on behalf of QualityLife Company

Help us spread the word and attend the “7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference” for free

Two tickets to the 7th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference “We are the Leaders we’ve been Waiting for” are up for grabs. All you have to do is find an innovative (and easy way) of helping us to spread news of this amazing event to your friends and colleagues who you think might like to attend. You could use email or social media or both. Then email us to tell us what you’ve done. The winners will be announced on the 8th of May. And sorry but the judges decision (that’s us) is final.

Some ideas:
1. Go to our Facebook page, Like us, “Share” the conference event listing on your own wall;
2. Tweet the URL of the conference ( and use #welead as the tag;
3. Forward this email to your friends and colleagues.

The people who inspire us the most with their sharing of the event, will win the competition.

Contact Debby to let her know on


2 thoughts on “Win two tickets to the #welead Women’s Leadership Conference”

  1. Never been to it but im really really interested…hope I win the ticket atleast one of it….oh and whats facebook page name


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