A response from Joy magazine to Jonathan Smith

Dear Jonathan
Thank you for your letter.  Content sincerely noted.
JOY! magazine does not necessarily subscribe to the views of all its correspondents however we are accountable for what we print.
Our role is to represent the whole Body of Christ and the varying opinions and ministries therein.  We do have certain selection criteria for our contributors i.e.. must be a  Bible believing Theologian or Pastor or recognized expert in their field.    Errol  is a popular  writer and speaker who represents  a difficult, Prophetic,  ministry. He is occasionally misunderstood because he is so forthright however we recognize and value his input in a world of compromise and extreme liberalism.
Please feel free to disregard the opinions of those you do not agree with  and enjoy the rest that we have to offer.  I apologize for any offense caused.
I value and appreciate your taking the time to write to me.
Yours in Christ
Erin Georgiou

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