Cape Town Sex Workers’ Open University Seminar – Sex Work and Feminism

Whores and Other Feminists’ is the first volume to examine sex work and the sex industry through the eyes of self-identified feminist sex workers – strippers, prostitutes, porn writers, producers and performers, dominatrices – and their allies.

Brought to you by SWEAT
Sex Worker Education and Advocacy Taskforce

Is there room for sex work in feminism? Is there room for feminism in sex work? Can a sex worker call herself/himself a feminist? And what do feminists have to say about that? Join us tomorrow for a Cape Town Sex Workers’ Open University seminar on ‘Sex Work and Feminism’, where feminists and sex workers will be unpacking these and more.

Dr Benita Moolman- Feminist Researcher, Writer and Activist (Human Sciences Research Council)
Shane Petzer-SWEAT Co-founder
Oratile Moseki- SWEAT Advocacy Manager
Kholi Buthelezi- Sex worker feminist, and *Sisonke National Coordinator
Theresa Olesen- BSc in International Development Studies and Performance Design MA student from the Roskilde University Centre (Denmark)

27th June 2012, Wednesday


SWEAT offices at
19 Anson Street

**RSVP: to, or call (021) 448 7875

* Sisonke is a national movement of sex workers
** Tea and lunch to be provided.


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