Springleap, Girls and Football and Pick n Pay Tshirt Design competition

In 1956, 20 000 women marched in Pretoria to petition against a strengthening of pass laws. Honouring the courage and determination of South Africa’s women, their spirit is celebrated each year on national Women’s Day on August 9th.

This year the award winning Girls & Football SA has teamed up with Springleap and Pick n Pay to organise South Africa’s first creative campaign in honour of this march.

Celebrate all you admire and respect about your mothers, sisters and girlfriends.

Enter your Fiercely Female & Awesome designs to win your share of the $2700 in cash prizes!

Entries close: 1 August 2012

Voting: 23 July – 8 August 2012

Read the Spring Leap Brief here


3 thoughts on “Springleap, Girls and Football and Pick n Pay Tshirt Design competition”

  1. Hi Annica – that’s exactly correct.

    We run our design contests open (mostly) to designers across the globe – hence the usage of a universal currency ie the almighty dwollah.

    That way people from overseas don’t look at the site and go: “R?” what’s that??? Rupees?


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