Are women human beings too?

Kamogelo Rachel Modise
Kamogelo Rachel Modise

By Kamogelo Rachel Modise

Every media article or site I consume seems to potray women in a sexualised manner. It’s so subtle and as a result not many of us are bothered to do anything about it. Many of us attempt to attain some level of beauty/sexuality in line with these images, because they are portrayed as a level of success.

It’s sensationalized in the most fun way, or at least that’s how it seems. Many young women fall prey to this cool lifestyle that feeds on their principles and who they are. We are encouraged to want to be a young beautiful sex object and to look down on every other female who does not fit the description.

Women thus compromise themselves to please others. A part of me wishes to put all blame on money but I know money does not buy everything, or at least it does not buy principles and self love. Part of me wishes to blame it all on a patriarchal society but that would just be unfair because we are women of the 21st century and as individuals (if not collectively) a level of progress has been achieved.

A part of me feels like no women’s issue has ever been solved because all issues seem to have been recycled and returned through an advanced and appealing way. Through advertising, the lifestyles that women fought to escape are being entrenched and glamorised. I feel like despite all the progress we feel and think we are making, we haven’t moved from the starting line.

Are women human beings too? If we were I know that there would be more to us then our sex and looks. I doubt that we would have a price tag, and I am certain that we wouldn’t consent to be used in such a way!


1 thought on “Are women human beings too?”

  1. hello Rachel, loved your article. you are so right. I’m 51 years old, and I was fighting this battle 30 years ago … it’s depressing that young women of your generation should still have to do it. does make me despondent. sigh. aluta continua.


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