Sunday Times’ article on Khanyi Mbau disturbing

Tammy Sutherns
Tammy Sutherns

By Tam Sutherns

I assume it was because a double page spread had already been ‘booked’ for an exclusive interview with Khanyi Mbau (who allegedly never pitched for said interview) that the Sunday Times’ Lifestyle section instead ran a two-page letter by a writer on the socialite on Sunday.

And yet I’m not quite sure what the writer was getting at – forgive me, her name escapes me and my newspaper has long since been recycled. Her two-page, in-depth rant about Khanyi Mbau that attacks everything from her lifestyle to her clothes is an embarrassment to South African journalism. More so that a two-page feature spread on Khanyi Mbau was expected to appear in the first place.

We really don’t need to break down the problematic kind of woman Khanyi Mbau represents, that much is obvious. What is concerning is that a fellow female, who it seems was all too excited to interview her, lashed out in a bitter and spiteful letter when she did not pitch to the interview. The letter dismantles her as a mother, as a female and as a wife. I don’t think I’ve witnessed such a literary bitch session in all my life.

What’s more is that the Sunday Times chose to use up valuable, editorial space for this piece of fluff, glossing it up with a timeline of Khanyi Mbau’s controversial life on the bottom. Is in anyone really interested in this woman? I’m not sure if I should be more offended as a female that the Sunday Times wanted to feature her at all, or that when she didn’t materialize for the interview, that she still felt it necessary to fill the gap with the garbage.

I don’t care about Khanyi Mbau and I don’t want to read about her or her drunken bitch fights, her affairs or her array of cars. I certainly don’t want to read a writer then making a mockery of herself, as if she was surprised that Khanyi Mbau did not pitch up at OR Tambo International Airport when Sunday Times had already footed the bill for her flight.

Perhaps the writer thought the hype behind Khanyi Mbau was just that and in person she might surprise and even entertain. But the reaction is laughable. Please idolize some more appropriate, editorial-worthy South African women. And could the real journalists please stand up.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Times’ article on Khanyi Mbau disturbing”

  1. Lin has in the past written a few articles that made it clear that she is in the know of matters relating to the good life. In this “bitch fit” piece it became quite clear that she pines for this life of wardrobe for all seasons and french duck dishes. Nothing wrong with that as all as we all must dream.

    I had respect for Lin Sampson as a writer. With one single “open tantrum” she exposed herself as a bitter hag with double standards who is as classless as the subject of her rant. I very much doubt I would read any of her columns in the future.


  2. I was disappointed at Lin. Her rant exposed her as a person of poor manners and low class, the same things she accuses Khanyi of. I don’t care much for Khanyi and expected better of Lin, but they are birds of the same feather. Lin reminded of my ex-pastor (female) who would get into the pulpit and preach about women who thought they are better than her , abusing her position and pseudo- authority. I voted with my feet and will mete the same treatment to anything written but Ms. Sampson.


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