EVENT!! WFP & MOSAIC National Women’s Month Farm Women’s Dialogue 2012

It will take the form of a dialogue where the voices of rural farm women will be heard, recorded and actioned.  This event also marks the start of our 16 day of activism campaign because we feel that legislation is not the only way to combat  violence against women but that we need to look at structures that perpetuate and sustain this violence.

The session will be opened with a Capacitar session by Michelle Friedman followed by an interactive theatre production by the TakeAway Theatre Company.  The piece is called :’Die Liefdeskind’ (The Love Child) and looks at various social issues affecting rural and poor communities.

In the second phase the women will discuss various issues contained in the proposed Women’s Empowerment and Gender Equality Bill , The Domestic Violence Act and the Sexual Offences Act. As organisations we educate and promote the Human Rights of farm workers and women but we have become increasingly aware of a lack of justice despite legislation being in place. WFP and MOSAIC have therefore embarked on creating a platform for rural farm women to share their understanding of justice and formulate responses to various pieces of legislation.

In the third phase,  women will develop resolutions that they will action from both a personal and a political perspective.  The partner organisation and women will get together again during the 16 days of activism to reflect on their positions, assess what types of responses we have had from business and government and to strategise about a way forward.

These are very ambitious plans but we believe that it is important that the voices of farm women are heard and to set realistic goals for their participation.

We intend to leave the dialogue with a document reflecting the understanding of women who live and work on farms and the interventions they deem important in addressing gender inequality, oppression and what their understanding is of justice outside of the legal framework.

I’d really appreciate if you could send this invitation and information to your partners and stakeholders.

Please note we are unable to cover the travelling costs of organisations and individuals, we are however bringing 250 women from farming areas where we are active.


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