The Royal Arse

Tammy Sutherns
Tammy Sutherns

By Tammy Sutherns

I’m not one to comment much on the rich, famous or royal. But I did a double take when I saw a story on News 24 this morning that read, “Kate Middleton apologises to William”.

Firstly let’s just dismantle the headline. Why do readers need to know that it is Kate “Middleton” that we are referring to, but we don’t need to know that we are talking about William Mountbatten-Windsor or Prince William? It implies that we will all know who William is, but may need a refresher on who Kate is. My argument is that surely you should either have the headline, “Kate apologises to William,” as those interested will know who they are referring to, or have the headline, “Kate Middleton apologises to Prince William.” Equal ne?

The opening line of the story reads, “Duchess Catherine is said to begging Prince William for forgiveness.”

Erm … I’m pretty sure William was right there next to her when those photographs were taken. While I have not seen the pictures myself, I’m pretty sure he didn’t look like he was complaining at the time either.

The story goes on to say, “The 30-year-old future queen is devastated at the thought of upsetting him and the rest of the royal family and can’t stop apologising since the photos of her sunbathing topless hit newsstands earlier this month.”

This brings me to my next point. She wasn’t involved in anything illegal, she wasn’t smoking a joint or hiring a prostitute. The poor girl was just sun tanning. As far as publishing the pictures goes, it wasn’t in the public’s interest and so it was the newspapers that are in the wrong and by all means, are legally liable. Everyone simply needs to Let. It. Go.

But my real concern is that the way that the media portrays women is still very distorted. What this story depicts is an ashamed woman who needs to beg forgiveness from her husband for something he was very much a part of. If you are married to a prince, you shouldn’t dare show your royal arse to anyone as you might upset his entire family, causing shame and embarrassment. Is this the message we are portraying to all of the little girls who want to grow up to be princesses? Harry’s little naked mistake a few weeks earlier, on the other hand, was forgotten within in minutes.

I know that we are dealing with the gossip sector of media, a sector that thrives off other people’s misdemeanors, unhappiness and embarrassing moments. We can’t hold their moral compass too high. However the embedded messages that it is sending its consumers is rather frightening for the year 2012. From the subtle ways that headlines are worded to the more obvious stories coming across, it seems to me that women in the public eye are expected to be perfect trophies that dare not misbehave.

Kate, you flaunt that body and flaunt it proud.


3 thoughts on “The Royal Arse”

  1. Tammy, I totally agree with you. Just because she is part of the royal family, it doesn’t make her any different to the Kate that was Kate before William. If she tanned topless before, then let her do it now. She did nothing wrong.

    Anyway, as a public, we should be supporting this new couple, not making their relationship more difficult. Relationships are difficult enough as it is, imagine being in one of the most famous – it must be a million times more difficult.


  2. Damn good blog! The bullshit with Kate Middelton and the press really pissed me off. The apology aspect is the final straw! Who cares what the royals do with their lives? I hope the apology thing is a farce because this is definitely the wrong kind of message about womanhood (and our positioning with regards to manhood) to send out to our daughters. Like you, I say flaunt that body and flaunt it proud!!!


  3. Indeed, during the run up to the marriage other than mentioning what undergarments etc Kate might-could-should wear on The Day, not one word was mentioned of her career, while William’s wonderful piloting adverntures were made mush a do of. In any case, the point for me is that she WASN’T flaunting; but believed she was in a private space and she’s really not the one who should be apologising.

    On a different note, “the poor girl” is 30. Please, please, please, can we stop referring to grown women as girls!


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