Intergenerational politics women’s worst work enemy?

Kamogelo Rachel Modise
Kamogelo Rachel Modise

By Kamogelo Rachel Modise

Fresh out of varsity, I found myself in a working environment and soon discovered it’s not the actual work that causes rifts and misunderstandings between colleagues. I sometimes wonder if it’s perhaps my age, and being confined in a professional space with fellow women old enough to be my mother.

Personally I love women, and I look up to them. I was pleased to be around them because it meant I would learn from people who’ve also been young and in my position. I thought that they too could relate to me because they may have faced the same challenges every young career woman faces. Sadly I discovered this isn’t so – the reality is in fact the opposite.

It seems like no amount of hard work, great input, or professional conduct matters or is even respected by fellow women. In fact if there’s anything they are judging you on, your work is not part of it. It’s more likely to be your appearance or personal life. How can any of this be of great importance, in fact why should it be?

In my experience the actual work I’m expected to do is easy, but often it’s women who try to make it impossible for other women. I am so troubled by the lies career women spread about fellow women colleagues. We want to be known for our brains and work, and yet we are focused on each other’s private affairs, hair, nails and clothes. In fact we’d rather not acknowledge and applaud each other’s good work, but instead spread unnecessary harmful rumors about each other.

Why do women we look up to as young professionals sometimes attempt to make our working environment difficult? Why do women with great knowledge and experience sabotage younger women, rather than attempt to inspire them? Are we a threat to one another?


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