Letter to my Unborn Son

Nobantu Shabangu
Nobantu Shabangu

By Nobantu Shabangu

I have waited so long for you.
You were a seed I kept safe until it was right to plant.
You were a beautiful seabed I knew existed under a tumultuous sea.
I have waited for you for so long.
I decided to take a dive, see the seabed and plant the seed
And here you are,
Ten toes, ten fingers, two eyes and one nose.
A perfect embodiment of perfection.
You are my prince and that is all you need to know
but here are a few side notes:
You do not need to stand on another man’s neck to be tall
You do not need beat a woman to be tough
Your big hands will not pick up a brick or a gun
Your deep voice will not hurl insults or profanities
Your beautiful thick lips will not smoke
Your penis will not be misused or become a weapon
You will learn to listen and speak later
You will  learn that forgiveness is not a sign of weakness
You will learn to get down on your knees and pray when life seems too hard.
You can be anything that you want to be and I mean that;
remember there is no exception to your brilliance.
I will always love you and the ones you love, be they male of female.
It is okay to experience fear- men have hearts too.
You will learn to truly and deeply love yourself.
Love yourself, spend time with yourself and only then can you love another person.
Look after your body, I nourished it well when you were in me and now it is your turn.
In the world stuck in the ways of conforming dare to stand alone and deviate.
I will never undermine your intelligence or self-worth,  I will not equate either to your career path.
Love is all you need to get by in this life- love and Christ.
I brought you into this world to make a change, to exercise the God in you- do so.
There is nothing I will not give you, I promisethat if it is in my might and power it will be yours.
But remember always that even though you’re my prince, I am you’re queen and I know best.
Love and respect me till my death because I have loved you since the moment of inception.
And one last thing remember men are not born, they are made and I will help you become the best man you can be along the way.

I love you always,
your feminist mother
P.S I hope you become a feminist too.


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