One Billion Rising – 14 February

One billion women across the planet are survivors of sexual violence. One Billion Rising is an international campaign run by women, for women. It is a movement which calls for an end to violence and gender inequality. The crux of One Billion Rising is a one-day event held on February 14, for women around the world to join together in a dance of collective strength.

Watch the video for the Cape Town event here, and let us know about the events or activities that you’re planning in your city


1 thought on “One Billion Rising – 14 February”

  1. The video is very moving. What I keep wondering though, is how do we go from awareness raising (and personal empowerment/catharsis for survivors) to actually making a tangible change? I think ‘breaking the silence’ is useful. I think survivors need to be able to tell their stories. I think society needs to see the sheer number of women who have experienced violence and exploitation. I get that. I like that OneBillion is positive and joyful. But what then?


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