Feminist Writing Competition Seeks South African Voices

UK feminist website is hosting another feminist writing competition, and because the need for feminism is global as well as local, it’s reaching out to the feminists of South Africa.

At its best, feminism is diverse. It’s inclusive. The more we increase our awareness of each other’s cultures and challenges, the more chance there is of feminism becoming widespread and deep-rooted enough that it stops being a dirty word. My personal dream is that it stops being a word at all, because it’s so intrinsic to the way society is structured. Unfortunately, I think we’re still a good few centuries away from that. But it’s good to have a dream…

Slut shaming. Skewed standards of beauty. Work and parenthood. These issues are global. But what of women held back from speaking out about the lack of progress in their country by the Great Firewall of China? What of Pussy Riot being arrested in Russia for a peaceful political protest? What of acid attacks in South East Asia? I’ve only just learned, thanks to this blog, that South Africa is described as the ‘rape capital’ of the world. Gender-based discrimination is both global and local, and that’s why I hope some of you will consider entering Mookychick’s FEMFLASH 2013.

FEMFLASH 2013 is a competition that aims to show the diversity of feminism in a format where writers will have their voices heard and readers will enjoy the process of learning.

fem flashFEMFLASH 2013:

Entry: Free. Global entries from all genders welcome.

Requirements: Write a piece of flash fiction or poetry themed around feminism, 200 words max. Full details on website.

Judges: Author Kirsty Logan, national journalist Kaite Welsh, For Books’ Sake founder Jane Bradley.

Prizes: 1st prize £50, 2 runners-up £25 (or your country’s equivalent). All three winners get a one year digital subscription to BUST Magazine, and ten shortlisted entries get only publication and promotion via Mookychick.

Enter the competition:

We would love, love, love to see representation from South Africa. Looking forward to your words.


Author bio:


Magda Knight is the Co-Founder and Editor of, an online feminist magazine and community that celebrates diversity and subculture. You can find out Mookychick and Magda Knight on Twitter at @mookychick.


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