Women and housework – get real IOL

By Sarah Haken

kitchenThis article annoys me. Seriously? This is what a staff writer thinks is important to write about? If I want a tidy house, WHY is the connotation IMMEDIATELY a WOMAN to ensure that the house is “tidy”. But this sort of stupidity carries on the mindset that laundry and household chores are clearly a woman’s job and how dare she leave the kitchen to *gasp* be in the office. I mean, get real, we’re in the 21st century.  If anything, my male housemate is probably more inclined to do the dishes, do the laundry and the like as he is generally a tidier person than I am.  That’s the fact of the matter. Personality differences, not our gender.

As an aside, I have to love how the same staff writer makes the comment “If you want a tidy house for the rest of your life, never make a Western Cape woman your wife.” Like making someone your wife is “a thing”.  Erhmmm it’s a two-sided decision, where both parties decide whether they want to be together.

Also, why is it an issue to spend less time doing house work? 174 minutes versus 219? It may not mean that a house is dirtier – how’s about we celebrate that there are more women now entering the job market and staying there (and not see it as a bad thing which this article appears to imply).  That’s a far better headline than “Cape women lousy at housework”.

Get real.

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For another article on this topic, check out Sipho Kings: Women work while men socialise


4 thoughts on “Women and housework – get real IOL”

  1. Yeah, I agree! I just read the article and what stood out most for me was that 82% of women in the Western Cape are working! That’s amazing. That should be the headline.

    And good God, if you want a tidy house for the rest of your life, pick up a damn broom!

    By the way, almost 3 hours cleaning a house a day? Craziness…


  2. I’m a woman and I totally agree, but as fo rthis person who wrote on this, yeh sure he is being too one-sided and STERIOTYPICAL… and thats what get s to me more than anything really…what socieety sees and classifies-perhaps we shouldnt be too hard on the writer of the article but although I know very little from personal experience about the Cape, he cant seriously generalise like that I mean come ohhhnnnn! So yes society today says woman: look after your house, hence in quite a few homes women are the ones who get the maid…but then again I think in everything that is it must be a give nad take and personal choice…for instance I know some women who in choosing a partner it has to be someone who will financially take care of them and actually to some extent although, I’d developed a very feministic view on relationships…but my culture says my chosen partner must be able to the very least to pay my lobola…So I find myself stuck between this a man must provide and asking if Im now saying he must ‘pay’ for my ‘services’. I think society shifts over the last many years is makin us question so much. hell I can’t even come up with a conclusion. Dont get me wrong if we are going to be living together, we must both be responsible for the house in all aspects an.


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