28 – 30 October 2013: Challenging Patriarchy: A virtual conference


Challenging Patriarchy: New Spaces and Strategies for Advancing Gender Equality in Africa?

28 – 30 October 2013

The background

In many other parts of the world, movements for democracy opened opportunities for equality advocates to advance their claims for full representation of women in political systems. For the past three years the HBF offices in Nairobi, Cape Town and Abuja, have jointly provided gender advocates the space to share, question and discuss their experiences and strategies to promote gender equality in Africa. From these discussions it has become evident that despite the enormous gains made by African women – gender equality remains an elusive goal. Efforts are frustrated by interpretations of societal norms and values rooted deeply in patriarchal structures and mindsets.

The method

The conference will be hosted virtually. Interactive sessions will be running from October 28-30 on the special conference website: after which the dialogue will continue on the website and through the Twitter hashtag #endpatriarchy.

For those in Cape Town, HBF’s conference room will be open for the duration of the conference for those who would like to participate from our offices.

The themes

The Conference aims to provoke new thinking and ideas on strategies for advancing gender equality. Aside from discussing how to strengthen state led interventions such as gender machineries and political measures such as quotas, panels will also look at challenging patriarchy in the economic and public spheres.
28 October: Opening panel & keynote address; 11.00 – 13.30 (SA time)

  • 29 October: Morning panel – Challenging patriarchy through state interventions and gender machineries; 11.00 – 13.30 (SA time)
  • 29 October: Afternoon panel – Challenging patriarchy in the economic sphere; 14.25 – 17.00 (SA time)
  • 30 October: Morning panel – Challenging patriarchy in the formal political sphere; 11.00 – 13.30 (SA time)
  • 30 October: Afternoon panel – Challenging patriarchy in the public sphere; 14.25 – 17.00 (SA time)

A full programme will be sent shortly.

In case of any questions / queries please do not hesitate to contact our colleague Claudia at claudia.lopes AT Kindly RSVP if you intend to participate from HBF’s offices.


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