Participants needed for a women’s rights project in Cape Town

Monet Eliastam (left)
Monet Eliastam (left)
I’m an American working in Cape Town on my own documentary project on women’s rights. I’m investigating the multi-faceted lesbian identity of Cape Town as a whole. I would like to show how society reacts positively and negatively to this identity–negatively, being rape and discrimination, and positively, ranging from the welcoming artists’ community to just normal everyday acceptance. Most importantly, I would like to highlight the wonderful women of this city who openly embrace their sexuality.
I am interested in finding gay women situated in the Cape Town area who may be willing to talk about me about their experiences as a lesbian. I’m especially interested in woman who are active in the LGBT community, or those whose work may reflect their sexuality (possibly artists, writers, etc)
For anyone who may be interested in participating, the first step would just be to meet and talk for a bit, then if both sides are willing to continue further, we could have an extended interview (on camera or not, whatever works) along with a few photo shoots. Everything would be extremely low key, just me and my assistant and a camera. The main idea is to “give a face to the subject,” for lack of a better term, showing the women in their natural environment, at home, working, with their partner (if applicable/possible), etc.
I see this landing up potentially in several different forms: a photo book that includes my own writing and info about the participating women; a short film; a photography exhibit.
You can learn more about myself and my project on my website: 
Feel free to contact me via email: monet.izabeth at gmail.com

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