Chuma Xundu

I’m bummed

Chuma Xundu
Chuma Xundu

By Chuma Xundu

I’m bummed!

Firstly, I’m bummed because I am fairly gifted with a great behind. Secondly, I’m bummed by man’s perception of my bum. But one thing I’m not is my bum!

A ‘bum’ is usually described as someone who is an all-encompassing waste of human skin. It’s an insult used for a useless member of society, chilling-in-a-corner-good-for-nothing kind of brother (or sister). I am not a bum, nor am I my bum. None of the above mentioned describes me, we are worlds apart.

It baffles me that all that men see in me is my bum. It beats me how it can be a focal point, right from behind! It’s amazing how many times people have attempted to use it as a party-starter, ice-breaker and sometimes a party trick.

Unlike Boity, who got tongues for posing naked (for a good cause) in the latest Marie Claire’s controversial Naked Issue; I stayed draped in clothing. She was singled out from the group of posers, given all sorts of labels and even earned the #BoityReaction which dominated the social media network, Twitter. The cause behind the nude was totally over-looked, again the bum was made headline.

It is clear that women cannot embrace and claim their bodies and sexuality or even use it as an instrument to address social ills; and men will not accept women and women’s issues, unless it is on their terms and conditions and does not serve their interests.

I am more than my behind. My beauty lies not only in my physique, but in my entire being. Do not be short-sighted. Do not over-look my mind and soul, for the body is merely a room that houses these. The bum is strategically situated on my backside for a reason.


1 thought on “I’m bummed”

  1. well said! I think that the Boity reaction just goes to show the how much the media and pop culture have become insensitive to to genetics and the beauty in diversity. Not everyone is Caucasian; and thus not everyone has a flat butt, the reaction to butts amazes me non-stop; there is a group of people on the planet created to have bigger shapelier behinds. get over it world. I am a healthy active girl, and my butt is big and shapely and I wouldn’t change is for anything. Nice post


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