Gibney Dance Company embarks on a Community Action and performance tour to Cape Town, South Africa May 16-27, 2014.

Gibney Dance has been a leading dance and social action company in the United States since 1991. The Company is internationally renowned for its passionate, and technically superb artistic work as well as its mission to use movement for the empowerment of others. The Community Action (CA) program began in 2000 and now offers 500 free movement workshops per year to survivors in the New York area, and throughout the US. The program has recently expanded its Community Action program to an international level, forming the Global Community Action Residency (CAR) program. Global CAR has since visited Montreal, Canada (2010) and Istanbul, Turkey (2013) and has been recognized for its accomplishments. Building on the successful program in Istanbul, the Community Action program is now leveraging lead support from the Agnes Varis Trust to cultivate $15,000 in funding from other sources in our next location of Cape Town.

By combining artistic activities with training in social activism, Community Action Residencies create a powerful platform for cultural exchange on many levels. Gibney Dance will collaborate with an artistic partner in South Africa, iKapa Dance Theatre, to share each company’s different artistic processes and dance practices with local dancers and with children in the townships. Both companies will also perform live for the general public on May 23rd at the OnPointe Dance and Wellness Centre at 112 Loop Street, 5th Floor. Gibney Dance will also work with a social services partner in South Africa, the Saartjie Baartman Centre for Women and Children, which will open up its facilities for Gibney Dance’s free Community Action Training Weekend on May 24-25 that will equip local artists and social service workers with the tools and resources to launch their own arts/social service programs. The Centre will also be the first in South Africa to host our signature Community Action movement workshops for its residents. The US Embassy in Cape Town is generously assisting in the promotion of our events to their networks, and will take part in some of the activities we have planned including the performance, a reception, and a panel discussion on arts and social action from an international perspective. Currently we have social service organizations attending the Community Action workshop weekend including IRFSA, Embrace Dignity, Haven Night Shelter, as well as dance teachers-in-training from the University of Cape Town dance department and iKapa’s own outreach specialists.

Gibney Dance is committed to building a quiet, yet powerful global network of support for domestic violence survivors. In South Africa, Gibney Dance hopes to begin to lay the groundwork for a sustainable international program. We are seeking all amounts of support that may be available through local organizations, corporations, and individuals with a passion for the arts and the desire to make a difference in the community. Any interest for sponsorship can be directed to Global CAR Director, Janessa Clark Inquiries can also be made through Janessa for attending the free CAR training weekend May 24-25.


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