Gender Justice Uncovered Awards: Vote Now!

The Gender Justice Uncovered Awards were created by the international organization Women’s Link Worldwide because in all countries, regardless of their political system or religious beliefs and traditions, what judges and courts say have a tremendous influence on the sense of justice and in the day to day lives of people.

Your vote in the GENDER JUSTICE UNCOVERED AWARDS can make the difference.


By voting, you send a message that the human rights of women and girls around the world must be respected.

Go to our web site and get to know the cases.

Vote for a case that you think should win the GAVEL award because it advanced equality and improved the lives of women and girls.


You can also vote against sexist decisions. Choose a case that you think should receive the BLUDGEON award for failing to respect human rights.

Vote for as many cases as you want. You can vote once a day for each case.

Share your vote on Facebook and Twitter and let us know your opinions about the nominations. Remember to use #JusticeGenderAwards.

First Seen on the AWID website here


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