UNISA offers a course in Afrikan Feminism and Gender Studies

Afrikan Feminist & Gender Studies (2nd semester 2014)

Qualification code:
NQF level: 6
Credits: 36

Module 1- History of Third World Feminism


  1. Introduction to the theories  of Afrikan feminism
    • History of Afrikan feminism
    • Analysis of African Women’s Literature
  2. South African feminism and women’s struggles
    • Trade Unions and women’s party political engagement
    • Race, activism and memory
    • Theorising feminism in South Africa post 1994
  3. Evolution of Third World Feminism[TWF]
    • Evolution of TWF
    • Tension between Black and White Feminisms
    • Womanism and other forms of TWF

Module 2: Critical Approaches of Gendered Policy Planning and Design


  1. Gendered policy design
    • Post – colonial welfare approach to policy design
    • Modernization development policy in African states
    • State socialism and approaches to gender centric policy making
    • Impact of gender inequality on trade performance and policy outcomes
  2. Critical analysis of gender mainstreaming
    • Origins of Gender mainstreaming
    • Gender and Development
    • Gender analysis frameworks and tools
    • Mainstreaming Gender in programmes and projects
  3. Locating women in economic planning in Afrikan States
    • Domains model of women’s empowerment
    • Gender budget as an instrument of women centred policy planning
    • Assessment of the New Growth Path and National Development Plan and gender gaps

Module 3- Afrikan Feminism an Instrument for Social Change


  1. Understanding  Afrikan feminism  as a force for anti colonial  and anti imperialist struggles
    • Assess Feminism in relation to the the Afrikan State
    • The role of the State in Economic policy making
    • Role of feminist struggles in shaping the South African state
  2. Forms Of Feminism And Their Context Within Afrikan Liberation
    • Analyis of Liberal feminism
    • Analysis of  Radical feminism
    • Analysis of Socialist/Marxist feminism
  3. Forms and constructions of Afrikan Socialism
    • Introduction to the National Question
    • Analyse  that question in relation to women
    • Understand the role of the State in leading women’s policy interests



Prospective students will from the 2nd semester of 2014 be expected to pay the full price per module(s) being registered, for example:

  • if you register 1 module you will pay R1800 on registration
  • if you register 2 module you will pay R3600 on registration
  • and if you register 3 modules you will pay R5400 on registration
Name of Programme Cost per Module Total cost  of Programme
Afrikan Feminist  & Gender Studies (3 modules) R1800 R5400


Prospective students should only make payment after a student number has been allocated. As soon as you have been temporarily registered you will receive an email or letter quoting your student number and providing details of the amount payable and the applicable banking details.

Payment options:

Bank payments (not for foreign students) can be done at any branch of Standard Bank in the RSA. (UNISA is a pre-approved beneficiary in case of electronic/internet payments.)

The deposit slip must be completed as follows:

  • Credit – UNISA
  • The first eight blocks are for the student number.  If the student number consists of only 7 digits,then an “0” must be filled in for the first digit of the student number.
  • Leave one block open then fill in the number 7400474764
  • Account number:   096R

Credit card payments – Credit cards are restricted to Visa and Mastercard.
The preferred method of payment for national or international students is via the UNISA website. The web payment link is as follows:

SWIFT transfer:

The web address for authorizing credit card or SWIFT payment is as follows:

Beneficiary: UNISA student deposits
Bank: Standard Bank
Account number: 011554622
Branch code: 010645

NB: If your employers have agreed to pay the tuition fees, either by means of a loan or a bursary, you must pass the letter and any subsequent statements to them. Failure to do so may result in the fees not being paid or correctly allocated and your registration may be cancelled and/or you may not be allowed admission to examinations.


2 thoughts on “UNISA offers a course in Afrikan Feminism and Gender Studies”

  1. Dear all

    I would like to know if the course will take a full semestre? I mean, how many months?

    Best wishes




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