Special Issue of the *Journal of Lesbian Studies*

“Lesbian”/Female Same-Sex Sexualities in Africa

Deadline for proposals: January 1, 2015

The *Journal of Lesbian Studies*, a peer-reviewed academic journal
published by Taylor and Francis, invites proposal submissions for a special
issue on the subject of “Lesbian”/Female Same-Sex Sexualities in Africa.

The multiple configurations of same-sex practices and relationships across
the African continent, alongside the problematic notion of homosexual,
“lesbian,” and “queer” identities in the African context, have been
addressed by various scholarly publications in the past couple of decades.
Yet same-sex interactions, relationships, and politics between African
women have not garnered significant attention either in feminist/queer
studies or in African studies, and remain largely unrepresented in academic
writings. This special issue of the *Journal of Lesbian Studies *proposes
to fill this scholarly gap by exploring this topic from a variety of
cultural and disciplinary perspectives. Contributions by scholars on the
African continent are particularly welcome.

The *Journal of Lesbian Studies* is an interdisciplinary journal; hence,
multi- and inter-disciplinary approaches are encouraged. Such approaches
include, for example, cultural studies, literary studies, cultural
anthropology, sociology, geography, social movement studies, political
science, psychology, and public health. Contributions from the perspective
of gender, queer, and sexuality studies and/or postcolonial or subaltern
studies will be given particular consideration.

Potentially relevant questions include, but are not limited to: how do
women who engage in same-sex sexual interactions and relations represent
themselves in Africa, both socially and discursively? How do they relate to
Western concepts of lesbianism or homosexuality? How do they relate to
culturally specific concepts of gender and sexuality in their respective
ethnic groups? How do they theorize and negotiate the intersections of
religion, racism, sexism, compulsory heterosexuality, and discrimination in
their respective societies? How do they position themselves in relation to
postcolonial and neocolonial politics? How do women respond to gender
diversity and transgender experiences within lesbian and “queer”
communities? How do these issues influence their identity formation or
their negotiation of subjectivity and agency? In what kinds of local and
global activism do they engage? What partnerships have lesbian movements
forged with feminist movements in African countries and across the global
South and North?

Ashley Currier and Thérèse Migraine-George are the guest editors for this
special issue. Please submit a one-page proposal, together with a two-page
CV, to either Ashley Currier (Ashley.Currier@uc.edu) or Thérèse
Migraine-George (Therese.Migraine-George@uc.edu) by January 1, 2015.

The guest editors will respond to proposals by February 1, 2015. Complete
manuscripts of approximately 7,500-8,000 words will be due by May 1, 2015


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