Vacancies at the Coalition for African Lesbians

The Coalition of African Lesbians [CAL] is a formation of more than 30 organisations in 19 countries in Africa committed to advancing justice for lesbian and bisexual women and transdiverse people. CAL is a feminist activist organization committed to working within a framework of movement building and seeks feminists with a good analysis of geopolitics and Africa’s place in the world for the following 4 exciting new positions based at the head office in Johannesburg:



The primary responsibility of this key post Is to ensure organizational effectiveness by providing leadership for CAL’s financial, human resources and policy development and implementation functions as well as technical/administrative oversight. Candidates for this exciting and challenging position must have a degree in Finance Management, Commerce or Accounting and a solid financial background with at least 3 years experience in Financial Management. Experience in organizational effectiveness, operations management and best practice implementation is essential.


The key responsibility of this post is to coordinate efforts of CAL so that active and systematic work can deepen and strengthen the political analysis of members, supporters and partners. Candidates must have a Bachelors or Honours Degree in an appropriate field and at least 5 years programme management experience in development and / or sexuality and gender and women’s rights, Human Rights and / advocacy work in the African region.


The primary responsibility of this role is to ensure strengthening of the advocacy and lobbying work of CAL and its members at the local, national, regional and global level, as well as it’s coherence, coordination and integration across geographies and issues. Candidates must have a degree in an appropriate field and at least 5 years experience in the field of sexuality and gender and women’s rights , Human Rights advocacy, campaign development , lobbying and civil society movement building work in the African region.


The key responsibility of this post is to ensure efficiency in the areas of technical resources within the Secretariat of the Coalition of African Lesbians with a focus on office systems, logistics, administrative support to the Board and leading the team on wellbeing of staff and Executive Committee members. Candidates must be computer literate with at least a matric and preferably a diploma in a related field, at least 2 years of admin/reception experience and a good command of English.


View the full job descriptions and application instructions on the Vacancies page at www.actionappointments.co.za  and email your application by Friday 9th February 2015 to tracy@actionappointments.co.za


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