Feminist Bookstore

As recommended by our twitter fans, here is our list of Feminist books (in no particular order, some fiction, some non-fiction) for you to read and enjoy!

  1. Naomi Wolf. The Beauty Myth. Get it here
  2. Germaine Greer. The Whole Woman. Get it here
  3. Natalie Angier. Woman. Get it here
  4. Ursula Le Guin. The Left Hand of Darkness. Get it here
  5. Margaret Atwood: The Handmaid’s Tale. Get it here
  6. Sheri Reynolds: The Rapture of Canaan. Get it here
  7. Alice Walker: Possessing the Secret of Joy. Get it here
  8. Rita Mae Brown: Venus Envy.
  9. Inga Musico: Cunt.
  10. Jayne Bussmann: The Worst Date Ever. Get it here
  11. Sylvia Plath: The Bell Jar. Get it here
  12. Ariel Levy: Female Chauvinist Pigs. Get it here
  13. Tsitsi Dangaremba: Nervous Conditions. Get it here
  14. Mariama Ba: So Long a Letter. 
  15. Martine Rothblatt: The Apartheid of Sex
  16. Rita Mae Brown: Rubyfruit Jungle
  17. Sarah Frost: Conduit. Get it here
  18. Alleyn Diesel (eds):Reclaiming the L Word: Sappho’s Daughters Out in Africa. Get it here
  19. Wame Molefhe: Go Tell the Sun. Get it here
  20. Danila Botha: Got No Secrets.
  21. Malika Ndlovu: Invisible Earthquake. Get it here
  22. Tracey Farren: Whiplash. (Now re-released as Tess) Get it here
  23. Natasha Walter: Living Dolls: The Return of Sexism. Get it here
  24. Carol J. Adams: The Sexual Politics of Meat. A feminist-vegetarian critical theory. Get it here
  25. Eve Ensler: I am an Emotional Creature. 
  26. Angela Carter: The Bloody Chamber. Get it here
  27. Angela Carter: The Ideology of Pornography.
  28. Caitlin Moran: How to be a woman. Get it here.
  29. Antony Hegarty: Future Feminism. 
  30. Angela McRobbie: The Aftermath of Feminism. 
  31. Urmila Deshpane: A Pack of Lies. 
  32. Jen Thorpe (ed): My First Time. A collection of stories on sex and sexuality from women like you. Get it here.
  33. Naomi Wolf: Vagina. Get it here
  34. Sheryl Sandberg: Lean in. Get it here
  35. Sylvia Walby. The Future of Feminism. Get it here
  36. Roxane Gay. Bad Feminist. Get it here
  37. Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. We should all be feminists. Get it here
  38. Jessica Valenti. Sex Object. Get it here
  39. Jessica Crispin. Why I am not a feminist. Get it here
  40. Amy Poehler. Yes Please. Get it here
  41. Tina Fey. Bossypants. Get it here
  42. Naomi Alderman. The Power. Get it here
  43. Nnedi Okorafor. Binti. Get it here
  44. Lauren Beukes. Maverick. Get it here
  45. Lisa Appignanesi (editor). Fifty Shades of Feminism. Get it here
  46. Roxane Gay. Difficult Women. Get it here.
  47. Michelle Hattingh. I’m the girl who was raped. Get it here
  48. Ambre Nicholson. An A to Z of Amazing South African Women. Get it here.
  49. Mona Eltahawy. Headscarves and hymens. Get it here
  50. Pumla Gqola. Rape: A South African Nightmare. Get it here
  51. Pumla Gqola: Reflecting Rogue. Get it here.
  52. Redi Tlhabi: Khwezi. Get it here
  53. Roxane Gay: Hunger. Get it here
  54. Jen Thorpe: Feminism Is: South Africans Speak Their Truth. Get it here




18 thoughts on “Feminist Bookstore”

  1. Great site!
    Interesting to see that the Beauty Myth is still no. 1 on the ‘to read’ list. Great work for its time, but what do we think of Naomi’s recent comments on anonymity and rape survivors?
    http://www.huffingtonpost.com/naomi-wolf/interpol-the-worlds-datin_b_793033.html (along with the update and correction at the end of it) and
    Personally, I think she may have missed the point on this one.


      1. The Bloody Chamber (fiction)
        The Sadeian Woman and the Ideology of Pornography (non-fiction) 🙂
        I also Love Andrea Dworkin’s ‘Our Blood.’

        Toni Morrison is also great at telling women’s stories. Have read ‘Sula’ am busy with ‘Beloved’ which is shaping up to be very good!


  2. I would recommend ‘How to Be a Woman’ by Caitlin Moran
    I am about half way through and spent the whole weekend reading out bits to anyone who would listen!


  3. I would have liked to see Susie Orbach’s ;Fat is a Feminist Issue’ on this list. Although it is a book of its time, I still think it should be on any feminist’s reading list as it still raises some very interesting issues.


  4. Hi everyone

    I am looking for progressive children’s books that are free from gender stereotypes and empowering to little girls. Any idea where I can find these types of books?


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