Weekly feminist round up – 23 April, 2018


Modjaji Books, South Africa’s indie publisher dedicated to publishing women’s stories, is having a pop-up sale in May. More details here

The Centre for Conflict Resolution is having a dialogue on violence against women today – Monday 23 April. Find out more here

The Centre for Law and Society is having a panel discussion on sexual offences courts on Thursday the 26th. Find out more here


Janelle Monae at it with her awesomeness again. Check this out


South African children’s books that promote gender equality (Free for download!) via Book Dash here

Gugu Mhlungu talking about parenting and feminism here

Neoka Naidoo talking about what feminism has to do with climate change here




Cine-Ndaba needs your support to make a documentary about gender-based violence

Cine-Ndaba Pamplet

The Cine-Ndaba team are a group of Fulbright alumni who have come to a point of reckoning with the levels of gender related violence in South Africa. We feel that the dialogue around this issue is often governed by those who are not most proximate to the issue. Cine-Ndaba was conceived out of the desire to bring this conversation closer to women who have been directly impacted, placing the tools of narration in their hands. Through workshopping processes on basic filmmaking and storytelling, we will be collaborating with a group of women who have experienced violence. Rather than highlighting a narrative of victimhood, our aim is to elevate the resilience that allows people to create, to catalyze dialogue, and to envision modes of advocacy that may begin to shift the landscape. A vital aspect of Cine-Ndaba is the inclusion of non-linear modes of storytelling, such as puppetry and poetry. Our partners are The Saartjie Baartman Centre and SWEAT, two organizations who we share a vision with in terms of the impact that art making and creativity can have both for survivors of trauma, and as an educational and advocacy tool.
We have a number of costs that have not been covered by our grant that we urgently need to raise funds for. By contributing to our Thunda Fund campaign (, or donating goods, we will be able to see the effective realization of Cine-Ndaba. Some of the costs we still need to cover include:
  • Catering for our workshops
  • Small handhelds HD video cameras for the participants to use
  • Post production costs
  • Childcare for the women while they are at the workshops and/or filming
  • Office costs
  • Props and supplies for the workshops
Our Thunda Fund campaign closes on the 17th of April. If we do not reach our first milestone, we will not receive any of the money we have raised to date. Please help us get there, either through financial contribution or spreading the word to relevant parties who may be able to help.
Thank you so much for your time!
With love,
The Cine-Ndaba Team
Watch the video here: