Write for us

Would you like to submit a piece for feministsouthafrica.com? Here are the easy steps to do so:

1. Write your piece that is relevant to women’s rights or to feminism in South Africa or Africa.  Spell check it. Try to use a style of writing that is easily understandable  – by all means use the big words you need to, but make sure that the piece is accessible. No SMS speak please.

2. If you need images in your article please send the images with your emailed piece. If no images are sent, I will use pull quotes to draw out important parts of your article.

3. If you are a first time contributor, please send a short description of yourself, your twitter handle, and photograph for the contributors section.

4. Send these pieces to feministssa@gmail.com with your title, in the subject line.

5. FeministsSA does not accept SEO articles, syndicated posts, or anything that is about making you or your company revenue from advertising. If you want to contribute, let it be an authentic piece of writing.

Your piece will then be reviewed for spelling errors, grammar and any recommended changes will be sent to your email. FeministsSA doesn’t guarantee that we’ll publish your piece, but it will be looked at and feedback will be sent to you.



8 thoughts on “Write for us”

  1. I came across your Thought Leader piece on The F Word and it resonates with an essay I wrote while I was doing my Gender Studies degree at UCT. I know work for an NGO that promotes gender equality in the media (Gender Links) and I would love to contribute my thoughts to this necessary and timely project! Will start writing asap. Thank you for this, what a great way to start 2011!


  2. Does anyone know if Vida e Caffe is finally employing women in its shops? I am living overseas but when I lived in Greenside, I spent a fruitless year engaging with Vida’s executive director. He accused me of slander when I asked “where are all the women?” and informed me that employing women on their all-male teams would upset the men’s comraderie and enjoyment at the workplace.


  3. hello Victoria
    Glad to see that someone else noticed! I used to be addicted to Vida lattes (the quality has gone down so not any more) for years and have been to numerous Vidas all over … and have never seen a woman barista. I also raised it with one of the guys (barista, not manager) at the Rosebank branch (my most regular haunt, though I also went to Greenside a lot) and got an answer along the same vein. What bs. My brother has raised the question of how they get past equity legislation and I must say, I do wonder.


  4. It is this kind of writing pieces that fascinates me. To see more women in the writing business its my passion, writing itself its just a hobby. But I will certainly love to contribute to this blog, starting now!


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