School girls hope community media becomes their salvation on their journey into womanhood.

Masutane Modjadji considers the way that the public feels ignored by government and instead turns to community journalists.


JOB: Advocacy Director for the Malala Fund

Malala launched the Malala Fund launched in October 2013, along with co-founder Shiza Shahid and a group of advisors, with the goal of creating a world where every girl has access to an education that empowers her to recognize her potential. The Fund has a two-pronged approach to its mission. First it invests in local entrepreneurs: working in communities to develop education solutions that are grounded in the reality of the girl and teaching her skills that empower her to lift herself out of poverty. Second, it aims to take these solutions to scale by pushing governments and donor organizations to prioritize high quality girls learning programs for girls. Malala and the Fund direct attention to the current state of girls’ education, and the potential of girls as an unparalleled force of change and development. The Fund then spotlights high-impact solutions that can be adopted and scaled by governments and multilateral institutions. They seek an advocacy director. Apply now!