Lizl Morden

‘Ladylike’ is bullsh*t

Lizl Morden discusses gender roles. "What If I don’t want to be ladylike? Or a lady? What if I just want to do things that make me happy? Things that aren’t harmful to anyone. Unless you define harm as making people uncomfortable about gender roles and I don’t."


Dear John

An anonymous letter was sent to FeministsSA criticising John Jeffery for the offensive comments he made in the Parliamentary Budget vote on 11 June.

Wendy Thole

An open letter to President Zuma

In an open letter to Jacob Zuma, Wendy is expressing her fear and despair that while our women are dying at the hands of our men, at least one man who should have stepped into the breach long ago and demonstrated his political will to break this never-ending cycle of violence, is in fact reinforcing a dangerous version of masculinity that, in its more extreme incarnations, exacts its brutal collateral damage across our country approximately every four minutes. Every day.