#NotOurLeaders Case 7 – COGTA

#NotOurLeaders 16 days of activism to end violence against women   AIDING AND ABETTING SEXUAL HARASSMENT CASE 7: Getting away with it, with help from your friends – Malibongwe Ngcai and Basil Mase, Eastern Cape Government On 1 June 2017 Malibongwe Ngcai started his job as general manager of corporate services in the Eastern Cape … Continue reading #NotOurLeaders Case 7 – COGTA


Gender and local government: What needs to change

By Nicole Graham I became a local government councillor on 18 May, 2011. At the time, I was a 21 year old university student and wasn’t sure it was something I would do for any length of time. I was studying a post-graduate LLB and had been active in the DA since I was 17 … Continue reading Gender and local government: What needs to change

Kameel Premhid

Lindiwe Mazibuko and the Politics of Representation

Lindiwe Mazibuko’s sudden departure from our political life cannot be understated. Notwithstanding her political views (which are open to contestation), the loss of a powerful female voice in an inherently patriarchal political environment is not a good thing. Irrespective of the reasons as to why she may have left, which are heavily disputed, her departure is not good for women’s progress in politics. Kameel Premhid discusses the numbers, the gender gap, the politics of representation, and the silver lining of Mazibuko's departure.

Kameel Premhid

Say Yes to the Dress?

Kameel Premhid considers the arguments for judging Thandile Sunduza's fashion sense at the State of the Nation Address last week. Some of the more amusing arguments have included: (a) that she was being criticised for her choice of fashion against an objective standard – not that she was female; and (b) that being an MP means she is expected to set an example and her choice, which was an allegedly poor one, made criticising her fair game. Kameel finds these both wanting.