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The Power of the Pussy

By Kagure Mugo Have you ever sunk your fingers into yourself? Not in a flurry of horniness, or during some sexy time with a partner or out of boredom at 30, 000 feet during a flight (if that is your thing). Not rushed it but touched yourself slowly, deliberately so that you really understand what … Continue reading The Power of the Pussy

Celebrating the Unbowed ‘Crazy Woman’

By Njoki Wamai Wangari Maathai was always there with us in our house in Kenya when I was growing up. She was there on our television screens, in the morning news on the radio before we went to school and in animated yet hushed conversations about her courage between my parents and their visitors in … Continue reading Celebrating the Unbowed ‘Crazy Woman’

Peer education is powerful: how abortion counselors care for patients

By Rebecca Hodes Zoleka Gqumisa is an abortion counselor in Khayelitsha. She works at three different clinics, and sees over twenty clients a day. At the Nolungile Youth Clinic her clients are mostly young women between the ages of 16 and 25, many still in school and pregnant for the first time. At a gathering … Continue reading Peer education is powerful: how abortion counselors care for patients