Why the casual sexism at UCT matters

By Dela Gwala “The girls here are all sluts man, is it any better at Rhodes?”. I overheard this question on Jammie plaza last year. The unidentified dudebro essentially ruined my lunch and made me vow to continue hiding out in the postgraduate corners of this institution.  Against my better judgement, I continued to take … Continue reading Why the casual sexism at UCT matters


Harfield Village: The bold and the befok

By Jen Thorpe I moved to Harfield Village in April last year. For a little village that basically lies between two roads (Imam Haron and Kenilworth Road) this place has a lot of issues. During the time I've lived here I've witnessed two domestic violence assaults in the street whilst others walked by. The first, … Continue reading Harfield Village: The bold and the befok

Kameel Premhid

Say Yes to the Dress?

Kameel Premhid considers the arguments for judging Thandile Sunduza's fashion sense at the State of the Nation Address last week. Some of the more amusing arguments have included: (a) that she was being criticised for her choice of fashion against an objective standard – not that she was female; and (b) that being an MP means she is expected to set an example and her choice, which was an allegedly poor one, made criticising her fair game. Kameel finds these both wanting.