Tam Sutherns

We haven’t moved very far away from the age of ‘fallen women’

Similar to the nun's laundries in Ireland, where 'fallen women' were housed, put to work in the laundries and their babies given up for adoption, this story shows just what acts can be justified simply because of the patriarchal restrictions society can place on women. It's not restricted to religious culture, third world countries or the past. Slut-shaming is full steam on social media today - alive, kicking and international.

Tam Sutherns

Rest in Peace Robin

The news that actor and comedian Robin Williams had died as a result of a suspected suicide broke on Tuesday morning, shocking the world. How could a man, only 63, who built a career on laughs be so sad that he'd want to to take his own life? Tammy Sutherns considers depression as well as the South African perspective.

Tam Sutherns

CNN’s portrayal of Steubenville rapists makes waves

Change.org started a petition, calling for CNN to apologise on air for sympathising with the two Steubenville rapists. While the petition is now closed, generating over 200 000 signatures, it has raised some critical problems embedded in society. Tammy Sutherns explores why we are prodded to feel sympathy for rapists, and how often in news coverage, the actual rape survivor is forgotten.