Women’s Humanity Walk 9 August, Cape Town

CAPE TOWN’S WOMEN ARE WALKING…from St George’s Cathedral to Artscape to celebrate Women’s Day, unify the Mother City, and mark the achievements of women. Everyone is invited to participate in this event which will launch the Women’s Day activities of the Artscape Women’s Humanity Arts Festival.

The Women’s Humanity Walk is coordinated by WOMAN ZONE, Artscape and the South African Faith and Family Institute (SAFFI) and is a walk of unity, solidarity and celebration. The walkers will be addressed and blessed by women faith leaders at St George’s Cathedral before proceeding to Artscape. This is an opportunity to get to know and share with others from the diverse cultures of our city.

Welcoming the walkers at the Artscape Theatre Centre for the start of the day’s Festival programme will be Thandi Swartbooi‘s drumming group Women Unite and the Amy Biehl Foundation Marimbas.

If your limited ability prevents you from participating in the whole walk, you are invited to meet the arriving walkers on the Artscape Piazza and complete the walk with the group.

WOMAN ZONE is a movement designed to bring together all women from the Mother City’s cultural kaleidoscope. To get to know one another better, to share stories and experiences, work together, learn from each other – and above all to highlight and promote their past, present and future achievements, not their victimhood. Cape Town’s women are for unity and for integration.

THE ARTSCAPE WOMEN’S HUMANITY ARTS FESTIVAL has for the past seven years included the disabled and disenfranchised communities, women and men from all walks of life. It is Artscape’s response to highlight the lack of “humanity” which marginalized groups face on a daily basis in South Africa, with particular emphasis on women and the disabled.  From 6 to 9 August a wide range of events, stage productions, workshops, book launches and exhibits take place in the theatre centre and offer something for everyone. Full programme:

SAFFI, officially launched in 2010, recognizes that religion plays an integral part in the continuation and eradication of gender-based violence against women and in intimate relationships and society. Our vision is to see women, men and children live their full potential in a society free from gender based violence where faith and justice are honoured.

Start:  09h00 walkers will gather at St George’s Cathedral to leave approximately 09h30
Finish: 10h30 Artscape


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